Lido Bosco Verde Beach

    A sandy beach near Ostuni with several bars near the beach and an excellent fish restaurant, about 25 mins from Trulli Talily.

    Daily rental for a sun lounger is about €8 each and an umbrella to share is about the same, essential in July and August. The charges are per day so you are free to leave for lunch in a local town and return later if you wish.

    At the beach club or lido you will find a bar / cafe offering reasonable priced drinks, toilets and showers. Food varies from foccacia at €1 a slice to more elegant restaurants offering wonderful local food and seafood.



    For centuries it was a strategic provenience, colonized, invaded and conquered by just about every major power of the day…

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    Trulli Talily is located in a peaceful, countryside setting…

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    Ostuni, Italy


    • Sleeps 5
    • Two bedrooms
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Indoor/outdoor dining
    • Swimming pool
    • Landscaped terraces
    • Peaceful 3 acre plot




    T: +44 (0) 1435 884 122