Known as the “balcony of the Valle d’Itria” because of the wonderful views over the surrounding patchwork quilt of agricultural plots, vineyards and olive groves, al separated by low stone walls.

    Locorotondo is one of Italy’s most beautiful small towns, which has a picturesque centro storico with white washed buildings walls within its protective walls.

    The town has many good restaurants and cafes and is well known for its good quality white wines. Locorotondo is 25 mins by car from Trulli Talily.

    Locorotondo’s speciality is u tridde, a freshly made pasta incorporating pecorino cheese and finely-chopped parsley cut into small pieces and cooked in a wholesome turkey broth.



    For centuries it was a strategic provenience, colonized, invaded and conquered by just about every major power of the day…

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    Places to visit

    Local days out at a zoo safari, the deep caves of Castellana Grotte, pre-historic cave settlements or a local town with ceramic and pottery shops.

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    Ostuni, Italy


    • Sleeps 5
    • Two bedrooms
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Indoor/outdoor dining
    • Swimming pool
    • Landscaped terraces
    • Peaceful 3 acre plot




    T: +44 (0) 1435 884 122

    E: info@trullitalily.com