Local Food & Wine

    The Puglaise are passionate about their food, particularly their local produce and dishes which often have a rustic style with peasant roots (cucina povera). Restaurants, shops and markets take great pride in the organic produce they supply.

    Much of the countryside in Puglia is a patchwork quilt of small holdings, separated by low stone walls, often owned by the same family for generations. Locals still cultivate their own land to feed their families and trade produce within the community they live. Agriculture has been at the heart of Puglia for thousands of years and it now produces nearly half of Italy’s olive oil and a large percentage of its wine.

    Typical Cuisine

    Most restaurants have orecchiette on the menu, little ear-shaped shells made from durum wheat flour, water and salt (no eggs), which is the pasta of Puglia. The coastal beach huts and restaurants provide a wealth of wonderful fresh sea food.  There are several unassuming Michelin star restaurants within a few miles of Trulli Talily.

    Local Markets

    Local markets are an essential part of life in Puglia and are the best and most economic place to buy fresh local fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread and cheese. All of the towns in the Valle D’Itria have a weekly market, open from early morning until 1pm.

    Monday – Cisternino
    Tuesday – Noci
    Wednesday – Martina Franca
    Thursday – Alberobello
    Friday – Locorotondo & Fasano
    Saturday – Ostuni & Ceglie Messapica

    Cooking Classes & Chef Hire

    The following culinary services are available during you stay at Trulli Talily:

    • Private chef hire for a family celebration or romantic meal at the trullo.
    • Private half-day culinary and wine class at the trullo.
    • Cook with a local Mamma in a private kitchen with organic ingredients and enjoy tasting it, paired with some great indigenous wine.
    • Local wine & food tasting tours to cellars, mills, food markets, pastry shops, cheese farms.
    • Half day cooking experience in a traditional pastry shop learning how to make biscuits, cakes and much more.
    • Authentic bread making experience with a local family.

    Local Wine & Olive Oil

    Italy is now one of the largest producers of wine on the world.  Wine production is growing in Puglia.  Puglia currently produces 20% of the wine in Italy, from the famous full bodied reds of Manduria to the refreshing whites of Locorotondo and Martina Franca.

    Casalini, the nearest small town to Trulli Talily, has a wonderful wine shop which stocks their own wine.  Have a glass and a tour when you are there.

    During your stay an olive oil & wine tasting tour at a traditional oil mill can be arranged, providing an introduction to the techniques of collecting, pressing and producing some of the best extra virgin olive oil the Mediterranean has to offer, followed by a picnic among the olive trees, serving you different types of local extra virgin olive oil indigenous wine.

    Activities & Classes

    Direct flights to Bari and Brindisi and useful car hire information.

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    Local Towns

    Historic hilltop towns not far from Trulli Talily…

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    Local days out at a zoo safari, the deep caves of Castellana Grotte, pre-historic cave settlements or a local town with ceramic and pottery shops.

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    Flights & Car Hire

    Direct flights to Bari and Brindisi and useful car hire information.

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    Ostuni, Italy


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